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    Italian Food In Vienna

    Please guide me and tell the name of some good restaurants offering Italian food in Vienna. I am a bit limited on budget so do not tell the too expensive ones. Only tell the best and the cheapest please preferably in the down town of the city.

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    Re: Italian Food In Vienna

    Here are some restaurants which are best in vienna.
    Leonardo Hotel Vienna
    deluxe apartment karlsplatz
    Fleming's Hotel Wien-Westbahnhof
    Vienna Inn Apartments
    Fleming's Deluxe Hotel Wien-City
    These hotels are cheap and best to stay.

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    Re: Italian Food In Vienna

    Last year I got a chance to visit the Vienna before completing my Boston to NY bus tour. Here I went to Pizzeria Scarabocchio to taste the Italian food. I think it is one of the best Italian restaurants which are famous for its different variety of pizza. I ordered a vegetarian pizza that was yummy and fresh. I recommend it to others who prefer Italian food.

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    Re: Italian Food In Vienna

    Vienna is the capital of Australia. I have been there three years ago with my family. I stay there Leonardo Hotel for two days. It is my favorite hotel. I enjoy there Italian food. It offers best services, delicious food, friendly staff and friendly environment. where you can have comfortable stay there and enjoy there delicious food items.

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    Re: Italian Food In Vienna

    Fabios is a classy, upscale Italian restaurant in the heart of Vienna's first district, serving exquisite Italian cuisine.

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    Re: Italian Food In Vienna

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