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    How safe is the area around Bahia?

    I'm thinking of spending a few months in Bahia and the surrounding regions on the east coast of Brazil. I will spend some time in Salvador. I'm wondering how safe the city is especially at night. I've never been to Brazil but have been told repeatedly that it is a beautiful country. I know different parts of Brazil may be like totally different countries with different standards of living.

    Any forum members here who are familiar with that part of Brazil?

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    Re: How safe is the area around Bahia?

    I have no idea about this part of Brazil but i think every part of the world is not safe now you are himself responsible for the protection of yourself but ask to my friend about the safety of this area because he visited this are last year...
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    Re: How safe is the area around Bahia?

    Salvador is the one of most famous country of Central America. I have been visited there before 3 day niagara falls tours from new york about one year ago with my family. It is a safe destination nearby Bahia visitors. So I suggest you should go there once without any hesitations.

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    Re: How safe is the area around Bahia?

    Salvador is a new place for me, I have never been there in my life till yet. I want to make a visit that place after seen some images, would anyone like to share with me some images of this place if have some galleries. So make a quick reply and let me know.

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    Re: How safe is the area around Bahia?

    Why not buddy here I am going to share some images of Salvador with you from my parents collection.

    I hope you will like them.

    Happy to go with niagara falls tours from boston.

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    Re: How safe is the area around Bahia?

    Salvador is a save area in Bahia for raveling. I have explored this place before my marthas vineyards bus tours. This is really beautiful place. By the way, the member shared really nice images of this place. which show the beauty of this place.



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