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    Best Beer In Brazil

    I lived in Brazil for 4 months this past year and was unable to find any kind of decent beer. Most Brazilians I met loved Budweiser and thought of it as some kind of treat, which wasn't surprising when you tasted their other beers -- Brahma, Skol, etc. all just really bad.

    There was one exception when my friend and I travelled to Morretes in Paraná where we found an American who had his own microbrewery. It was absolutely delicious.

    Has anyone been to Brazil and found any other good beer?

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    Re: Best Beer In Brazil

    The ones you mentioned - Brahma and Skol - are the most famous and common ones. If you didn't like them, chances are you won't like the other ones. We have many others, but those are considered the best. I particularly like Antartica and Bohemia. They are considered better quality, but are not as common to drink as the other 2. Bohemia is a bit more expensive.
    People that don't like any of those will just have a Heineken, Stella Artois or something like that.

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    Re: Best Beer In Brazil

    Skol Beer is the most popular beer brand in Brazil. I enjoy there it with my delicious meal and drinks during my Brazil tour. I like that so much taste was good, I will suggest you try this one, Or you already had tried this one

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    Re: Best Beer In Brazil

    Pilsner is the best one of Brazil.

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    Re: Best Beer In Brazil

    Well I have no visit till yet in brazil so have no idea about Best Beer In Brazil,but have a plan to make a visit at there and then I will share about my experience with all of you.
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    Re: Best Beer In Brazil

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