Day 1: Flight to Guiyang

Airport pickup to Guiyang Hotel. Stay in Trade Point Hotel 4*
If time permits, we will visit Jiaxiu Tower,Qianling Park and Hongfu Tumple and Qingyan town.
Jiaxiu Tower, the symbol of Guiyang. Jiaxiu Tower was initially builtby a provincial governor in the Ming Dynasty, with the purpose of encouragingscholars to make progress. Then visit QianlingPark and Hongfu Templewhich is over 300 years. Qianling Park is a nice place withlush forest, pure fountains, ancient temples, blue lake and wild animals, etc.
This afternoon drive to Qingyan Ancient Town for a visit. Qingyanis a small township in the outskirt of Guiyang. It was built in the Ming Dynasty, the townretains its original design of outer and inner cities, each with magnificentcity walls, watch towers and battlements, well-preserved stone-slab lanes andarchways.

Day 2: Guiyang and Anshun Tianlong Tunpu, Huangguoshu Waterfall, TianxingBridge Scenic Area. Stay in GrandWaterfall Hotel. 4*

Huangguoshu Waterfallis one of the largest and most magnificent waterfall groups in China, Featuredthe perfect combination of stones, trees and water. Seventy-four meters (243 feet) high andeighty-one meters (266 feet) wide, it is a scenic marve
Tianxing BridgeScenic Area is a natural wonder evolving from the growing stone forests inwater.

Day 3: Anshun---Tianlong Tunpu and Dragon Cave Palaces---Guiyang.
Stay in Guiyang Trade Point Hotel 4*
Tianlong Tunpu, hadbeen an important military fortress, guarding a major gateway to thesouthwestern Yunnan province.
Entering the lanes of the village, you willsee barracks. The mountains around the tunpu are almost an archive ofhistorical buildings. Ancient ramparts and the castle-style Wulong Temple areall national cultural relics. A Ming-era factory where soldiers producedweapons is in the rear of the mountain. Beacon towers, battlements and sentryposts dot the landscape.

Day 4. Guiyang----Matang Gejia Village---Shidong Village---Zhenyuan old town.
Stay in Zhenyuan Youranju Hotel.
Matang Gejia village, this tribe is classified as onesub-branch of Miao people. However, their language, costumes are totallydifferent from Miao people. Batik (Wax-resist) is skillfully and beautifullydone by the local women.
Shidong village is avery small town in Taijiang County. It is famous for natural scenery, ethnicMiao customs and their delicate silver and embroidery craftsmanship.

Day 5. -Zhenyuan -Green Dragon Cave, Zhengyuan Acient Town, Wuyang River with boating.

Built in Ming Dynastywith a history of 500 years, enduring many times of damage and repair, thisancient complex now occupies an area of 21,000 square kilometers, and isdivided into six parts, such as the cave, Zichan Academy, Longevity Palace.Black Dragon Cave is the combination of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism.Zhenyuan Ancient Town is located by the riverbanks of Wuyang River. Many oldbuildings, folk houses and piers which are hundreds of years old are wellpreserved. After dinner, appreciate the limestone mountain scenery on WuyangRiver.

Day 6: Zhenyuan----Guiyang Airport.
As you tour ends today, you will be transferred from Zhenyuan to Guiyang.

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6-9 persons : usd 550
over 9 persons : usd 425

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