Guilin Private Tours mainly specializes in tours around Guilin Yangshuo area in Guangxi, two most popular areas for visitors to China. We cater to the needs of individual tourists as well as small tour groups including families, friends and business colleagues. Tourists can experience the main attractions offered by Guilin Yangshuo Longji Rice Terraces, Nanning, Detian Waterfall and Guizhou Minority area as well as places and activities not normally offered to tourists. We can customize private tours, tour itineraries and tour packages to meet your specific travel needs. We also organize private car service from Guilin to Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan Provinces, etc. Guilin is reputed as one of the best scenic areas in China and is a must-visit travel destination during your trip to China.
Route A. Yulong River, Villages, Bamboo Rafting, Moon Hill by car ( Chinese lunch)
Along the countryside and you will see rice paddies, old villages, towering peaks, bamboo groves, farmers working in the fields, etc. Bamboo Boat Raft, sitting in a chair on a raft and float down slowly clean and clear water of Yulong River. It is really peaceful, idyllic and relaxed ride, this place usually leaves you the biggest impression for your trip to Yangshuo, you will have different feeling from you are on the big boat cruise in Li River. the Moon Hill, climb up to the top of the hill via the stone stairways to see the panoramic view of Yangshuo.

Route B. Visit Xingping, Cruise on Li River for about 2 hours, Fuli town, by car ( Chinese lunch)
Xingping is the oldest town with 1300 years history in Yangshuo as well as the center of Yangshuo until the setup of Yangshuo in 590 A D. the old streets are paved in rocks, and the houses are made of black bricks with gray tiles. Cruise on Li River for about 2 hours to see the most beautiful parts of li river.
Fuli is a quiet town, 5 miles east of Yangshuo County, and has a history of 800 years. Here you can find nice small factories making painted paper fans. the barber shop, a small local Chinese pharmacy. It has a very pretty landscape as well as local culture.

Notes: the tour starts at Yangshuo Hotel, not Guilin Hotel.
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