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Thread: China

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    I am getting free from my road trips from new york and will have such appealing and best time this way again and again. I am gonna have such a good and best time this way more. I am gonna spend out the time It will be really nice and best time this way again and again. China will be really nice destination and will have such a good and best time.

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    Re: China

    Yona, Would you like to tell me which places to see in China and what you did during your road trip from New York? I am keen to read and love to see a quick reply from your side. Hope you let me know frankly all about both of these ways to have fun. Will wait to see your next reply here.

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    Re: China

    China is such a beautiful country to visit and have a fun time. This country has many landmarks to visit to get fun. Let me share some names of them here such as,
    Great Wall of China
    The Palace Museum
    Summer Palace
    Temple of Heaven
    Tiananmen Square
    Great Wall of Badaling
    Oriental Pearl TV Tower
    Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
    Jiuzhai Valley National Park
    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
    Shanghai World Financial Center

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    Re: China

    China is one of most visited place among tourists. People went to see their lifestyle, traditions and their historical sites those of course represents how much they love their culture. Beijing is one of the top rated destination due to Great Wall of China which is one from seven wonders of the world and not only that wall that city is also a destination in it self. Chengdu is another interesting place where cute pandas grab visitor's attention towards them. Zhangjiajie this is a worthwhile destination for nature sightseeing lovers from a thrillest peak point, here i am going to share few of it's images.

    niagara falls tours from new york one of the best ways to have fun in life.



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