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    Favorite Street Food In China

    For those of you who have traveled to or lived in China, what is your favorite street food? I'm looking for something that most people outside of China haven't tried before, or interesting dishes that are local to specific regions. Thanks!

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    Re: Favorite Street Food In China

    I would recommend jian bing guo-zi which is, in a sense, a crepe. It is normally served by locals with round carts and hot plates.
    The Hee-Haw, or donkey meat is also famous most notably in Tianjin. It is mixed with different sweets and spices which makes it very tasty and sweet.

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    Re: Favorite Street Food In China

    "Jian bing guo zi" originated in northern regions of China and it was a popular breakfast item. Northern Chinese versions usually contained a piece of thin, crispy fried/baked flour based product or "you tiao" in the middle. I think it is safe to say that Tianjin versions and Beijing versions both represent Northern variations well. The outer crepe of Beijing versions were usually flour based. The outer crepe of Tianjin versions usually contained corn flour, mung bean flour and flour. I'm pretty certain other combinations of flours from different grains were used in other northern variations due to the different in aroma and texture; I've also tasted soy flour in some variations. Variations among northern versions really aren't that great yet when compared to southern versions.

    Southern versions/variations are much more confusing. You'll find modified northern versions as well as versions containing various meats and vegetables like you mentioned. You could even find seafood versions if you've tried enough different places in various southern cities.

    Here are some sauces/seasonings/spices/herbs used in "jian bing guo zi" from various regions that I could recognize within my taste bud's limitations:

    Tian mian jiang
    Mian jiang (unsweetened version of tian mian jiang)
    Crushed fermented bean curd sauce
    Sesame paste
    Hot sauce
    Minced garlic
    Soy sauce
    Fennel seeds
    Sesame seeds
    Chili powder
    Chive paste
    Chopped green onions
    Chopped chives

    I am fairly certain no one could give you a precise recipe of southern version of "jian bing guo zi" due to obvious reasons. My recommendation to you is to search for videos on sites like Youtube and hope that you could run into the version you're looking for. If you could type Chinese, searching for a recipe in Chinese will be an even better option.

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    Re: Favorite Street Food In China

    Wangfujing Snack Street is one of my favorite food streets in China. It is located just beside Wangfujing Street, the busiest shopping street in Beijing. It has a large selection of exotic street food, such as deep fired insects, scorpions and animal parts.

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    Re: Favorite Street Food In China

    Quote Originally Posted by BEATRICE View Post
    Wangfujing Snack Street.
    I also recommend this place. It is situated near Tiananmen Square so you can actually walk there afterwards. Wangfujing is home to a popular luxury shopping mall so if you like genuine designer goods then you can spend a good amount of time there. Personally I stay away from street food as i'm worried about getting food poisoning, however in other parts of China you can get coconuts from street vendors and drink juice straight from the coconut.

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    Re: Favorite Street Food In China

    Tiananmen Square seems a great place and surely this will be so much stunning for sure. i will like to have some fun there whenever i will be there when my dad will be there with from boston to niagara falls. I hope that will be so much appealing time for me for sure.



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