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Thread: Yu Garden

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    Yu Garden

    Yu Garden is the iconic attraction of china. It is a wonderful place for seeing the sightseeing and nature beauty. Lats year, I have explored this place personally with my friends. We have enjoyed greenery beauty there. I had a great time there and captured lots of images there in my camera. I wish i could explore this place again.

    Explored incredible place during my san francisco city tours.

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    Re: Yu Garden

    Yu Garden is really new kind of name for me. just so much feels really great to know about it and thinking about to explore this amazing place as well. Things like this always prove really great to try for me. so would love to see it's some of images and would love to explore it as well for sure.

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    Re: Yu Garden

    i just finished my niagara fall trip from new york and had a great time there. So now i will like to let you know that Yu Garden will be my next move and surely this is going to be a great way of fun for me. So i need to know a bit more about it and then will be there.

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    Re: Yu Garden

    Hilleryjackson! Seems like you really love to explore the beauty of the world so much. I am so sure that this is gonna be a great way of fun for sure. I will love to have some fun there with this place and then will move for bus tours from boston to niagara falls. I hope it will be so much amazing time for me ahead.



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