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    Travel in the "Tibetan Autonomous Region"

    I understand that I would need a special permit to enter the Tibetan Autonomous Region, however I've also heard I would need to be part of an approved tour group and the group leader would hold onto the passports. Does anyone know if this is accurate and can say how much freedom is allowed for travelers there?

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    I believe you can travel straight into the Tibet region by plane and that you don't need special additional documents for that. It may depend what country you are coming in from whether you need visas etc. or not though. I am not sure exactly what you need to cross from China to 'Tibet' but I have heard it can be tricky.

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    Re: Travel in the "Tibetan Autonomous Region"

    typically the requirements for foreigners "lao wai" or white men's country is stricter. You can get those if you book a tour into Tibet

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    Re: Travel in the "Tibetan Autonomous Region"

    Tibet is a new name for me. I am hearing this name from you. I would like to know about this place because I am going to visit China within few day with my family after mine tours from nyc to niagara falls. I would like to explore this attraction during this tour. If you have some images of this destination then must share with me. Also tell me what id the speciality of this place. I am waiting for your quick answers. Hope so all of you will reply me fast.

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    Re: Travel in the "Tibetan Autonomous Region"

    i am unaware of the place as you all are talking about. i am so sure that this is gonna be a great way of fun and i will try this after my houston sightseeing tour. So just keep it more up and have a great time there. Do let me know as well a bit more about the things you might like to do there.



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