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    The San Francisco Church, Quito

    I read that the San Francisco Church in Quito is one of the top tourist destinations in Ecuador . I really don't know anything about Ecuador but would love to know more about the church specifically because i'm planning to visit it. Can anyone guide me about the place if they have visited or suggest me links where i would get to know

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    Re: The San Francisco Church, Quito

    I really liked Quito a lot, and the San Francisco church is amazing and definitely worth a visit. I was in Quito with two friends for only a few days before we went to the Galapagos. We did a walking tour with a personal guide, and he took us on a great tour of the colonial parts of the city. We booked it through G Adventures, and I'd definitely recommend them.

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    Re: The San Francisco Church, Quito

    I am a big history lover. I like to visit the historic places throughout the world. Church in Quito is the one of tourist destination in Ecuador. I went there about three months ago. I would love to go there again and I want to saw some fabulous attractions of Ecuador. It is an ideal destination for history lovers.

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    Re: The San Francisco Church, Quito

    San Francisco is my ever best place to have fun and I just love to go there to have fun but still I never explored any church in this city. After reading this thread it seems to me during my next tour I should add this name in my bucket list to have fun and I am sure it will be fun time for me.

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    Re: The San Francisco Church, Quito

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