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    Post Best places to visit in Ecuador

    Named for the equator than runs through the country, Ecuador is a country that offers something for everyone. This begins with almost 1,000 miles of coastline with great beaches, thence to the Andes Mountains and tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin. It even extends out to the remote Galapagos Islands with its fantastic wildlife. In between, visitors will find large cities offering luxurious amenities as well as small native villages known for their colorful markets. An overview of the Best Places to Visit in Ecuador - Ecuador Travel Guide

    Watching video for detail:

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    Re: Best places to visit in Ecuador

    aldh2009! Your shared post is really sufficient for me and i am sure it must be for all nature lovers as well. I went there about years ago but the memories are still so fresh in my mind. It offers beautiful landscapes and their majestic views makes it a worth seeing place for nature lovers. I will also recommend others to have a tour there and i am sure you won't be disappointed at all.
    quick getaways from san francisco is best vacation to enjoy ever!!

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    Re: Best places to visit in Ecuador

    I do agree with you Flora and would like to say that Ecuador s a lovely pace for traveling point of view. I have explored this place before my bus trips from san francisco with my friends. We have a great time there and during my visit come to know that something about it. Like its capital is Quito. This is also a famous destination for fun-seekers. I would like to suggest all must be there at least once.

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    Re: Best places to visit in Ecuador

    This place looks amazing and has a lot that i am sure can attract a visitor big time!! The basic thing is to explore it all on a level and when people that visits things surely brings a lot for us to go through. Usually with such places experiencing sources like new york to niagara falls tour package are always very appealing and they work big time.

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    Re: Best places to visit in Ecuador

    aldh2009 ! It's a really great thing that you have shared really great stuff to know about Best places to visit in Ecuador more. I just so much love these and these are all really great to explore and to have more and more fun around it. I would love to explore the all surely.



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