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    Are restaurants Open On a Sunday ?

    It is said that France has been an old Catholic country and they consider their Sunday as a rest day. Nowadays, however modern times have changed but they still keep that day as family time. I am visiting Paris, France next month. I have a stay of 2 days that is weekend. Just came to know about that Sunday is their rest day. Reading some reviews of other places which mentioned no restaurants open on a Sunday. Is this true?

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    Re: Are restaurants Open On a Sunday ?

    Well, Personally i never have been there visited in weekends, but my uncle have been there visited there and they was saying that yes it is true and Sunady is rest day. i will be there again after my niagara falls bus tours from new jersey and so sure that will love to be repeated there again.

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    Re: Are restaurants Open On a Sunday ?

    Lora! I had taken this tour once in my life and I am going to agree with you I want to again take this tour in my future life for enjoying my holidays in this tour. I had explored and enjoyed Niagara Falls from both US and Canada sides and Toronto city tour, experience the Maid of the Mist, Thousand Island, Toronto and Ontario cities.

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    Re: Are restaurants Open On a Sunday ?

    I agree with Lora I have also no idea about that and would like to rest on Sunday. Anyway Lora, I would like to suggest you buddy must share your views after coming back from there with all of us.

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    Re: Are restaurants Open On a Sunday ?

    johny, My friend is just back after taking the tour of France which he enjoyed after his las vegas tours from los angeles. He told me that most of the shops remain closed on the Sunday but the food shops have the permission from the authorities to remain open on the Sunday. They have no holiday.



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