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    Travelling to Brussels

    I am in Cherbour these days. It is in the North western France. Want to travel Brussels for some work. Can i travel from cherbour to Brussels by train? Is there a way ?

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    Re: Travelling to Brussels

    Brussels is a capital of Belgium. It is a home of mesmerizing attractions that grab attentions of all kind of visitors each year. I have a plan to go to there once after my New york to Niagara falls bus tours with my few friends. I explrod its alluring destinations. I am sure I will have great time there.

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    Re: Travelling to Brussels

    Well, Seems that you had great time while your tour in Brussels, I am also love with that place and had great time there all the times. personally really relished there. and still have a plan of taking and so sure that i will have nice time there.

    I am going for new york to marthas vineyards bus tour....

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    Re: Travelling to Brussels

    Brussels is a really nice and I want to visit there again in my life for enjoying my holidays. I hope I will great fun there again in my travelling life. This destination is a Capital of Belgium many travelling lovers to visit there in annually. Whats your favourite attrection in Belgium, so share with me.

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    Re: Travelling to Brussels

    I have never got a chance to explore the beauty of Brussels but i have heard much about it. I heard that it has many magnificent places and natural views to watch out. It is an exciting place for travelers. I am thinking to collect some details about its attractions after my bus tours grand canyon

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    Re: Travelling to Brussels

    I don't know about the route but you can use online flight booking portal just to get there easy and in time.



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