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    Paris: Hotel or Rent accommodation?

    7 of my friends are visiting Paris for 2 weeks. I am generally asking, Would it be cheaper for them to stay in Paris in a hotel or do they need too rent an apartment?

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    Re: Paris: Hotel or Rent accommodation?

    Shangri-La Hotel Paris is a nice place for foodies. I have been there about few months ago with my friends. We stay there for four days and had great time there. It offers friendly staff, neat and clean rooms, best envorienment and plenty amazing food items. I will roccomend you to must go there once. I hoe you will spent great time there.

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    Re: Paris: Hotel or Rent accommodation?

    Hyrrin i must say that Shangri-La Hotel Paris will be nice choice and so sure that it will have amazing time for your friends and they will enjoy there compfertable stay and i also personally have been to there and so sure that it will have great time there...
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    Re: Paris: Hotel or Rent accommodation?

    Shangri-La Hotel Paris is a really nice accommodation for travelling lovers. I have a plan to visit there once more in my life for enjoying my holidays there. now I am enjoying in my 2 day trip to washington dc from nyc. I hope after finishing this tour. I will go there soon for having fun and staying.

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    Re: Paris: Hotel or Rent accommodation?

    I think Hotel will be a good option to stay in Paris and have a comfortable stay. Anyways, Guys, I would say that both of you have shared a nice stuff here about the Shangri-La Hotel Paris. My uncle stayed there for three nights during his tour and he told me this hotel offers really admirable services to the visitors to have a reliable time.

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