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    Cooking classes in Paris?

    I'm looking at visiting Europe at some time in 2016, and I love learning how to cook when I'm on vacation. French cuisine is a food that I love to enjoy at restaurants but I've never really tried making it myself.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with cooking classes in the Paris area. I would love to book one so that I can learn how to make some French recipes - I think it's such a fun thing to do on a trip!

    If you're aware of anything or have any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you!

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    Re: Cooking classes in Paris?

    I visited the Europe few years ago with my friend and cousin before going on niagara tours from new york. All of us had enjoyed there a lot and did lots of activites there. We explored many destinations which attract the attention of visitors towards it. I will love to go there again and again. I have no idea about the cooking classes in the Paris area..

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    Re: Cooking classes in Paris?

    Europe is a nice place to visit. I also have been there once in my traveling life. it was very nice experience for me. It provided us a large number of attractive places where we can make our tour very good and remarkable. Anyway, i don't want to take any cooking classes in the Paris area because i don't like cooking but love to eat.

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    Re: Cooking classes in Paris?

    Well, It will be a bit bad for me to say that I have no idea about the Cooking classes in Paris because I have no friend from this region who tell me about it. I am hopeful that other members of the board will share something informative on this note soon.

    I will catch bus boston niagara falls

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    Re: Cooking classes in Paris?

    I also have no much idea about Cooking classes in Paris but have searched on this. I have got La Cuisine Paris name. Reviews regarding this also too good which will start from 10 Am to 6 Pm. I think Ameelia you should try this dude.

    So excited for los angeles bus trips.



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