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    Berlin wall-Is It Worth Visiting

    I have never been to berlin, but if i go i guess one of the attractions would be the berlin wall? If anyone has seen it please let us know if it is worth seeing or if it is just a run down derelict wall which has mostly been destroyed. Or is it all gone? in which case, what else is there to see in berlin?

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    Hmm, is there a part of the original well preserve, but too small to be worth go to Berlin just to see this "attraction." I would rather go around the Brandenburg Gate and enjoy all the Charlottenburg area.

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    Re: Berlin wall-Is It Worth Visiting

    I envied the people who were there and wondered what it would be like to meet someone who had lived in a communist country but wall is superb and most of the tourist come toward to see the beauty of the wall now after that new brunswick bus to nyc..
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    Re: Berlin wall-Is It Worth Visiting

    I never visit this place of my life. Even I heard about it first time and I want to know about it n more. I want to go there once after my bus tours of san francisco with my few college friends. So can you share more info about it?

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    Re: Berlin wall-Is It Worth Visiting

    If we see how reasonably things would go ahead and finding the correct direction is one main thing that brings out the best for us new jersey to niagara falls bus tour is always moving ahead and it keeps on moving ahead and that's the best part of it which is the way how it does impact its finest.



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