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Thread: Kaiserslautern

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    While living in Germany for three years in a small town called Gries in Rhineland-Pfalz I visited K-town often for shopping, dining, nightlife. It was a really cool city. I think my house was about 45 minutes from there, but once a week we would drive all the way out to the Globus for our grocery trip (well, to buy things I could not get from the local bakery and Aldis). There was an amazing Tapas bar there and I can't remember the name now but they had an outstanding rabbit dish! Closer to the end of my stay in Germany, I actually rented a small apartment for a few weeks right in the middle of down town there and I loved it, so close to everything. The Dino park was a really cool place to visit, and stroll around the gardens, especially in the fall when they had pumpkin wine and soup. I'd love to go back and visit sometime.

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    Re: Kaiserslautern

    What an interesting place, and not being very known place, it's even more attractive because one might have visited or heard about tourist attractions in the well-known German cities and towns, but I never heard of this before and sounds like you had a really exciting time visiting it.

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    Re: Kaiserslautern

    Thanks for sharing this, Renegade I have never been to Germany, but I'd love to visit this place one day. Specially the city you just mentioned. I might visit this place after my wedding, my soon-to-be husband loves driving, so he might take me there It'd be lovely to spend our holidays there Specially the winter ones! The tapas bar you mentioned sounds like a lovely place to visit and dine at.

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    Re: Kaiserslautern

    I have no idea about this place but after reading your posts I imagine that is a good place for visit. Now I have a plan to go to there once in coming days. You would like to share the mention of some well known attractions of this place?




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