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    Bavaria and a day trip to Austria

    One of my favourite places in Germany is Lindau and the Bodensee region. Lindau is in Bavaria, on the eastern side of Lake Constance. I really enjoy the town's relaxed atmosphere and many street cafes. There is a special feeling in the air. If you like to explore further, you can catch a ferry to Bregenz, which is in Austria. From there you can continue to the Bregenzer Wald, where you will find idyllic little towns with rustic hotels and plenty of hiking trails.
    Perhaps you would like to visit the famous Bregenzer Festspiele and watch a performance on the unforgettable opera stages. There is so much to do and see in Vorarlberg. I'll definitely be back next summer.

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    Re: Bavaria and a day trip to Austria

    If you are going to Austria in the alps, I would defiantly recommend going to Newswanstein because its like heaven in the earth that's why mostly peoples come to the trip in this area i also want to make plan for the visit of Bavaria...
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    Re: Bavaria and a day trip to Austria

    Austria is an amazing country for visit. There are many fabulous places but I have a good experience of Grossglockner because I have been there about few moths ago with my friends. We stay there for two days and had great fun there through adventuress spots. It is an ideal place for adventure lovers. I think you should go there once in your life if you like to visit adventuress places.

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    Re: Bavaria and a day trip to Austria

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