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    Berlin beer festival

    Has anyone been to the berlin beer festival? I am wondering if it is just full of drunken males having a knees up, or if it is a lively event for all to visit. I like German beer, particularly Becks but I have never been to this event before. Can anyone recommend it?

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    Re: Berlin beer festival

    It makes it all quite special when it comes to experiencing the points which are quite helpful and brings out the best possible learning we see so far and the way it helps us would always be a gentle impact that it keeps bus tour to niagara falls would always be helping and bringing out a very gentle way to make a mark that moves ahead.

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    Re: Berlin beer festival

    Berlin is one of the finest and amiable kinds of destination for having some fun there. I just have been visited there once with my father who was going there for a business purpose and surely this is going to be a way of fun for me always. I will try this again after my local tour from new york to boston. i will surely love to go through it again and again.

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    Re: Berlin beer festival

    Well buddies I love to say that Berlin is new destination for me. I have no personal experience of this place even I hear its name first time here and like to read all of your views about it. I have noted this destination name in my traveling bucket list as my next tour target. I am sure it will be good for me.

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    Re: Berlin beer festival

    Berlin beer festival is really new thing to me. I have never enjoyed it ever in my life, it seem so much fun filled and I ms sure that things like that to trying will be really great to me I am sure. I want to know about it more do anyone like to share something more with images.



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