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    What To Do In Frankfurt

    Please tell what can a Family with 2 kids can do in Frankfurt in a 2 day stop over during onwards flight. Please list the attractions in Frankfurt that are really worth seeing and should be high priority. As there are 2 kids with us so the attractions must also have some interest for kids too other wise they will get bore.

    We will just like to be in the Frankfurt in about 20-30 miles in radius and would not have our car so the only option we would have for travel and going to Frankfurt attractions will either be bus on Metro so either they should be near by or be accessible by buses or metro train.

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    Re: What To Do In Frankfurt

    Some of the most notable tourist attractions in Frankfurt are the Frankfurt Zoological Garden, the Palmengarten, and the Alte Oper.
    You can also catch a game in Commerzbank-Arena or watch an event or showing at the Frankfurt Opera House.
    I am sure there are many other tourist attractions but these some of them.

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    Re: What To Do In Frankfurt

    Personally I haven't been there but my friends tell to me about the beauty of this area,you better take an umbrella because it rains more in Frankfurt than it does in London!
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    Re: What To Do In Frankfurt

    Nice discussion friend! Frankfurt am Main, commonly known as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth-largest city in Germany. It has a lot of thing to visit in this city. My uncle personally visit in Frankfurt before philadelphia to new york bus tour. so I want to share top thing to visit in this city. I hope this information is useful for everyone.
    • Alte Oper
    • Stadel
    • Main Tower
    • Goethe House
    • Historical Museum, Frankfurt
    • Gruneburgpark

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    Re: What To Do In Frankfurt

    I must say that you have shared really nice information about Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a best city for visit where a lot of visitors visit it each year. It is my favorite one travel destination. I have been there numerous times of my life. It is a best place where tourist can enjoy swiming, boating trekiing, camping and nature veiwing.

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    Re: What To Do In Frankfurt

    All these activities does help us with many ways that are quite much working and in terms of keeping it all helpful nj to niagara falls bus tour would be very much appropriate and appealing in a manner that is decent with its finest way to have the outcome so far.

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    Re: What To Do In Frankfurt

    Cornelious! I do agree with you and will say that traveling helps us a lot to know about the different things and culture as well. I just have spend such nice and marvelous time there through my tours and will love to say that you guys should also go there soon as possible.



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