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    What is the climate like in Germany

    Hello to all folks,

    I would like to know, What is the climate like in Germany ??

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    Re: What is the climate like in Germany

    I have no idea about the climate of Germany. cause i don't have any tour to there in this year. So now i will say that my uncle have been to there before his tours of west coast usa and when he will be back, i will surely share such massive stuff here with you. I hope you will wait for it.

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    Re: What is the climate like in Germany

    Climate of Germany is like warm summers and mild cloudy winters normally. Winter temperature vary but no long time cold season. I really like this region to go around it and soon will make a move to go for it having fun there.

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    Re: What is the climate like in Germany

    ADDIE! As you are saying, there is not to much cold weather in Germany, which is good for my dad. But here do tell me something about the climate of these days in Germany. Actually, my father is pondering to take a tour f Germany but I am saying him to wait for some time as the weather is not suitable for his health, and I don't want to take any risk. But still he is insisting to go there. So buddy if you have further information about its climate then tell me. After that I will decide that should I plan a tour for my father or not. Reply me soon.

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    Re: What is the climate like in Germany

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