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    The English Theater in Frankfurt

    I want to know more about the English Theater situated in Frankfurt because i would be going to Frankfurt and i love going to theaters. I got to know that it is top ranked so i wish to know more about it

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    Re: The English Theater in Frankfurt

    I have a little bit information about it because I have been there only one time of my life. English Theater is a best place for fun that is situated at the Galileo skyscraper. It is a largest theater of Europe. I would love to go there again. I will suggest others that you should go there once in your lifef for having enjoyment. I hope you will fully enjoy there.

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    Re: The English Theater in Frankfurt

    Berlin is y most favorite city at there which is also the Capital of Germany.I have recently visited at there and have there a much good time. I would really like to have with you all its some images that I have captured there.

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    Re: The English Theater in Frankfurt

    The images are nice and attention-grabbing for all tourists. I would like to discuss about The English Theater in Frankfurt. Whan I visited Frankfurt before my Manhattan to boston bus tour. I have a great time there. It was a rememberable time of my life when I was enjoying the Bad Jews movie with my friends in this most famous theater. All of us get lots of fun there. This theater is my most favorite theater because of its comfortable seats, there is a bar for drinking while waiting. I would like to go there again with my friends as my friends will be free from their exams.

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    Re: The English Theater in Frankfurt

    Daisy!! I love your story as it seems like one of the most beautiful time that you had there during your tour. So have a great time there and surely i will love to go there again and again. So keep it more up and have a great time there.



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