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    Berlin Shopping Guide

    Do let know if there are some really nice places to go for shopping in Berlin. Can somebody also list shopping malls in Berlin and which one is rated best and the reason. I have heard from my friend that the shopping is good in Berlin but he did not remember the names of Malls.

    So can somebody tell me name of some good and quality malls in Berlin which must be visited.

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    Honestly I don't remember any malls at all in Berlin and, depending how long you have to spend there, I wouldn't make them a priority on my trip. Friedrichstraße has some great shopping but it's more of a street than a mall- it has Galley Lafayette, Quartier 206, and a huge and famous bookstore called Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus.

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    Re: Berlin Shopping Guide

    You might want to check the exchange rate and rate are high in the air specially the clothes are not cheap in Berlin and mostly tourist want to buy the things but due to high rate its can not do this...
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    Re: Berlin Shopping Guide

    Berlin has plenty shopping destinations, but I have a good experience of Neues Kranzler Eck. I have been there about a year ago with my mother and I bought some clothes, gifts and many others things. I really enjoyed there shopping. It is an ideal destination for shopping lovers.

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    Re: Berlin Shopping Guide

    Berlin is a great city to go shopping: You can combine many shopping areas with attractions, the prices are very reasonable and most of the shops are very easy to reach.In Berlin shopping is a jumble of wildly diverse elements: the traditional, with classic department stores like KaDeWe the local, with lively markets offering up the best regional produce and a love of craft and art fanzines galore at shops like Motto.

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    Re: Berlin Shopping Guide

    The best thing to do is just start walking in Berlin has no distinctive shopping neighbourhood.
    The best Berlin shopping malls are:-
    Markthalle IX

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    Re: Berlin Shopping Guide

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