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    Post Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Hello everyone, I heard a lot about Alwar city that there are many beautiful and ethnic places to visit in alwar. I want to visit this place with my family. Can anyone tell me what are the best places to visit in alwar and accommodations also???

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    Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Arshil, I feel very bad because I have no idea about Alwar. It is a new name for me. I can one favour for you that I can search about it on the Internet. Well you also search about it through this way. Anyway, At this time, I am going to New york to niagara falls bus tour with my boyfriend. After coming back I will told you in detail about it. I hope You will Wait for my reply.

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    Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Alwar is a city of India and administrative headquarters of Alwar District in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is located around 160 km south of Delhi and the capital of Rajasthan. I visited there at once in my life but now I have a plan to visit there again after finishing my west coast tours from los angeles.

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    Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    You can visit these palaces in Alwar,

    Flying Fox Neemrana
    Siliserh Lake
    Bala Quila
    Naldeshwar Shrine
    Garbhaji Falls

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    Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Nice Posts, thanks for sharing the best tips to suggest online these places to visit in Alwar.

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    Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Alwar is a beautiful and breathtaking city for of India. It is a home of mesmerizing attractions that grab attention of visitors. Here I am going to share the names of some must see places of this amadzing city like Siliserh Lake, Bala Quila, City Palace, Vinay Vilas Mahal and government museum. I will suggest you must visit these places and make their jouney remember able.

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    Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Siliserh Lake and Garbhaji Falls are best destination for visit as tourism point of view. I also visited there both of these places during my journey. I am going to mention the names of some fabulous and most interesting activities like hiking, trekking, kayaking, boating, swimming and many others. I want to know about your favourite activity?

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    Wink Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Tourist attracts the places near alwar most famous for siliserh lake alwar and garbhaji falls alwar. The most exciting sightseeing of sariska national park alwar, Rajasthan.

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    Re: Suggest me places to visit in Alwar

    Alwar is the historical city in Rajasthan and you can find lots of places there to explore.
    1. Bala Quila Fort
    2. Bhangarh Fort
    3. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
    4. Sariska Palace
    5. Kesroli
    6. Vijay Mandir Palace
    7. Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri
    8. Moti Dungri
    9. Pandu Pol
    10. Jai Pol
    11. Churi market



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