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    What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    Orissa, now known as Odisha, is an ancient land with a lot of architectural wonders and heritage sites.


    Bhubaneswar is also known as the temple city of India. It is believed that Bhubaneswar had over 2000 temples in the past. Here are few popular temples in Bhubaneswar.

    · Parasurameswara Temple

    · Mukteswar Temple

    · Lingaraja Temple

    · Brahmeshwara Temple

    2. Konark Sun Temple

    The Konark Sun Temple is a wondrous UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the grandest and best known sun temple in India. It is approximately 35 kilometers from Puri in Odisha.

    3. Puri

    Puri is famous for the grand temple of Lord Jagannath and for its many Mathas. The festival “Rath Yatra “ makes Puri really famous. The temple in itself is a grand expression of rich style of architecture in Orissa. The temple of Lord Jagannath spreads over 40,000 square feet and embeds in its compound , 120 temples and shrines.

    4. Chilika Lake

    If you want to spend some time with nature, must visit Chilika Lake. Is it famous because, it is Asia’s largest brackish water (a combination of sea and fresh water) lagoon is an ecological wonder spanning around 1,000 square kilometers. It's full of wildlife, particularly fish and migratory birds from far off lands.

    5. Chandipur beach

    IF you are planning to spend some time on the beaches, there is a perfect location for you in Odisha i.e. Chandipur beach. Although there are not so many popular beaches, but still you can enjoy your trip.

    6. Ramchandi Beach

    One more in the list, i.e. Ramchandi beach. Ramchandi beach is situated on the confluence of Kushabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal.

    7. Barehipani Waterfall

    Barehipani waterfalls is the tallest waterfall in Odisha and amongst the highest waterfalls in India.

    8. Wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha

    Odisha is a home for a sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha are not only unique, but also every nature lover's delight. Few famous wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha:

    · Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

    · Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary

    · Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary

    · Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary

    · Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary

    · Simlipal National Park

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    Re: What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    There are top 10 places and most famous destinations in Odisha:-

    1. Bhubaneswar
    2. Cuttack
    3. Sambalpur
    4. Puri
    5. Rourkela
    6. Konark
    7. Barbil
    8. Jeypore
    9. Bargarh
    10. Paradeep

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    Re: What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    I would say both of you that you have shared really informative posts with us. I have a good experience of Simlipal National Park because I have been there before my Brunswick to Niagara Falls tours abut a year ago with my friends. I stay there for two days to enjoy incredible beauty of this beautiful park. In my point of view it is a best place where tourist can enjoy picnic party with family and freinds.

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    Re: What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    Top Places to visit in Odisha are:
    Konark Sun Temple,
    Jagganath temple
    Chandipur Beach

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    Re: What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    orolova, you shared good destination of odisha. these are the best attraction and we should visit these destination. Chandipur beach is one of the best destination.
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    Re: What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    Odisha is the ancient kingdom of Kalinga and has the number of ancient temples. Read here about major attractions of Odisha :
    1. Simlipal National Park
    2. Udayagiri Khandagiri Caves
    3. Bhitarkanika Mangroves
    4. Chilika Lake
    5. Barabati Fort
    6. Gupteswar Cave Temple
    7. Chandipur Beach
    8. Konark Sun Temple
    9. Jagannath Temple
    10. Lingaraja Temple

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    Re: What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    I must say that they all are amazing places of Odisha, I have never been there but wants to visit. A Royal Rajasthan Tour also, gives you the tour of Rajasthan's various famous spots and amazing places.

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    Re: What Are The Top Ten Places You Should Visit In Odisha

    There are many places to visit in Odisha:

    Konark Sun Temple
    Dhauli Hill
    Chandipur Beach
    Barehipani Falls
    Hirakud Dam
    Barabati Fort
    Chilika Lake
    Ratnagiri Monastery



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