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    Indonesia Local Foods

    What types of food can be found in the Indonesia? What's the exotic food there? What about the famous local food?

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

    I didn't know anything about indonesian food until I visited the Netherlands this year. I must say Indonesian food is exquisite! If you have the chance you should taste the following: Rendang, Emping, Martabak, Panada, Risoles, Pastel, Pempek, Pangsit Goreng and Lapis Legit! The last one is a very tasty layered cake, I was lucky enough to eat it for the first time during my trip to the Netherlands.

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

    Satay - meat (rabbit, chicken, goat, sheep) skewers cooked over hot coals. Not advised if you're allergic to peanut sauce. Sate madura is served with rice cakes, cucumber and onion.

    Bakso - it's a kind of meatball noodle soup and it's pretty boss. The meatballs are fairly large and made from chicken, beef, pork, or all of the above. The soup comes with fried shallots, boiled egg, and wontons.

    Nasi goreng - considered the national dish it's a special take on Asian fried rice. The sweet sauce on it is soy not Ketchup (even if that's how they pronounce it) - go for the crazy rice (nasi gila) because it's just very entertaining.

    Babi guling - you aren't likely to come across outside of Bali, but it's a whole roasted suckling big and it is just plain perfect. Bathe in coconut water and rubbed with spices before it's coated the the result is (disturbing to look at) absolutely fantastic.

    Hmm - don't eat gado-gado if you are allergic to peanuts, avoid nasi padang if you don't like brain or feet or fish heads.

    Um I can give you some common street foods as well if you'd like.

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

    The Indonesian cuisine is incredibly varied and tasty. I would recommend you to try any Indonesian food, but do not go to the large restaurants and even less in hotel restaurants. The best food - if you are not afraid to do so - is at the thousands and thousands of food stands in the street. Saté (satay = slivers of meat on a bamboo skewers - the saté kambing is the best).
    If you do not have a stomach of concrete, stay clear of any fresh fruit that you don't peel yourself and of fresh uncooked vegetables. Everything else - cooked, fried or baked - is OK.

    Thinking about to enjoy the best from us west coast bus tours

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

    I don't know much about the Indonesian food, but have a little knowledge it is spicy and blend of Indian and other South East Asian cuisines.

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

    Lombok Lodge is also has one of the island's best restaurant. It is my favorite one restaurant of the world. I have been there after my tour from new york about few months ago. I had stay there for one week and I spent very good time there. It is the beautiful place where you can have comfortable stay and enjoyed there delicious food items.

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    Re: Indonesia Local Foods

    These are real Indonesian food dishes.

    #1: Sambal
    #2: Satay
    #3: Bakso
    #4: Soto
    #5: Nasi goreng
    #6: Gado-gado
    #7: Nasi uduk
    #8: Nasi padang
    #9: Ayam goreng
    #10: Bakmie goreng



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