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Thread: cost of venice

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    cost of venice

    How much would you expect to spend on a typical holiday in venice?

    I heard it is really expensive, especially in the tourist areas. My friend said he paid 4 for a cup of coffee! What about the sites and the gondolas, also accommodation and food? Any advice appreciated. Thanks

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    It depends on what are you going to do. Museums/exhibitions etc cost around 5, the most expensive part about Venice is eating: 4 euros for a coffee is insane, you'll have to do a bit of research about bars and restaurants to avoid being scammed, some owners raise the prices of their restaurants to take advantage of tourists. If you want my advice, avoid fancy restaurants, avoid pizza and go to an "osteria" so you can try typical venetian food.

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    Yeah, my friends went a couple of years ago and said there are definitely tourist areas which are priced accordingly, but you can do much better of the beaten path. There's also the option of doing an apartment exchange, or otherwise renting a place with a kitchen, and buying food from the market.

    But ultimately you have to view Venice sort of like an island. Everything needs to be brought in, so kind of like Hawaii, or other island destinations, the costs of living is going to be higher.

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    Re: cost of venice

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    Re: cost of venice

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