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    What are the best places to eat and learn how to make pasta in Italy?

    I love pasta! I have always been intrigued by the art of pasta making and how many different types of pasta they are. It's not enough for me to cook pasta anymore. I would like to learn how to make them and various styles and patterns. Could someone tell me the best regions in Italy to learn how to make (and eat) pasta?

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    Best places in Italy for pasta

    Pasta is a very common dish all over the world. In Italy pasta shops ( where you can get to eat pasta) would most likely be situated in Rome or Florence. As you mentioned that you love pastas then i can assure you that there would be several restaurants or cafes where different kinds and types of Pastas would be available to you for eating. I'm not sure about the pasta making and from where you can learn that.

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    Re: What are the best places to eat and learn how to make pasta in Italy?

    jodiann12, I have no idea about the learning pasta places in Italy. I have visited Italy and during my tour, I visited some places where I ate really a yummy and delicious Pasta. I can share those pasta places names with you here such as,
    Bella Italia
    La Tagliata
    Villa Pizza
    La Bella Italia
    Pizza Express

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    Re: What are the best places to eat and learn how to make pasta in Italy?

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