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    Milan After World war II

    I have read and i know it that Milan was bombarded in World war II after which it was destroyed completely. Has the city improved yet or is not worth visiting? Has the construction of city now over or is it still under construction?

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    Re: Milan After World war II

    ... London was also "destroyed" during WWII as was Dresden and Tokyo, but all of those cities are fine now. It has been over 60 years since those events after all - more than enough time to rebuild. Further, Milan is a major fashion capital - so apparently it is doing well. I would suggest maybe Goggling Milan or looking it up on Wikipedia? They may also have a travel website for tourists, but as I recall Milan is very expensive.

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    Re: Milan After World war II

    World War II was some 70 years ago, if you visit the city today, you won't see a lot of the damage done by allied bombings and the Nazi occupation. Yes, the city was rendered to a pile of rubble during WWII and after seeing some of the documentaries on this war, its hard to imagine how this city could "bounce back". Shortly after WWII, Milan went through a huge economic boom fueled mostly by the large amounts of immigrants moving to the city. During this boom Milan underwent major reconstruction for a lot of the damage done by WWII. Today Milan is a very nice modern city, a center for fashion, luxury furniture and a lot of tourism.
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    Re: Milan After World war II

    Milan is really a beautiful city in Italy. It is known one of the most visiting cities of the country due to its restaurants, food, and attractions. I have taken a tour of there in the last month and had a fun time. Here are the names of places which I explored,
    Milan Cathedral
    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
    Sforza Castle
    Teatro alla Scala
    Santa Maria delle Grazie
    Pinacoteca di Brera
    Royal Palace of Milan
    Cimitero Monumentale di Milano
    Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio

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