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Thread: Quirky Japan

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    Quirky Japan

    One of my favorite things about Japan is the fact that there's so much cool and quirky stuff. Things like cat cafes where you can play with cats and grab a coffee, or even owl cafes, and plenty of themed restaurants (Ninja restaurants, Alice in Wonderland restaurants, even a robot restaurant!) and things of that nature.

    Have you heard of anything fun and quirky that you'd love to see in Japan? Or perhaps you've already been to Japan and have been to one of those places - if so, what did you think?

    I loved the cat café I visited! The cats were well cared for and I think it would be a fun place for people to visit who perhaps don't have the room or the allowances for a pet if they are renting.

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    Re: Quirky Japan

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    Re: Quirky Japan

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