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    What not to do in Japan

    I've been thinking about visiting Japan for sometime, I hear its a great place to spend a couple of weeks. I've never been there before but from what I've heard its a very unique place with a unique culture. I don't travel out of my country often but Japan is definitely on the top of my "places to go to next" list. I would just like to know any DON'T that I should steer clear off?

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    Re: What not to do in Japan

    You know this is a very, very comment subject for example: Things not to do in japan - Bing The aforementioned is one page off of one search of your exact phrase. And here are perhaps the most pertinent result from that page: Keeping Pace in Japan: 10 Things You Definitely Should NOT Do In Japan, What Not To Do in Japan : Things To Do | Japan Things to Do, and Top 10 Things NOT To Do When You Visit Japan | Japan | Japan Travel | Nihon Sun

    However, let me give three more very important tips:
    1.) Do not interact with children that are not clearly yours - thanks to the otaku scene there is a kind of pervert witch hunt going on over there.

    2.) Do not get into any sort of incident over there - the police are not your friend.. at all.

    3.) Do not flash tattoos if you can help it - it'll only lead to very bad misunderstandings. Like "OMG he's a gangster" misunderstandings.

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    Re: What not to do in Japan

    Nikkō National Park is the beautiful and lush park of Japan. Which is located in on the main island of Honshū in Japan. It is my favorite park due to its lush greenery sights. It really offers for us the charm of nature beauty. It is an ideal destination for nature lover. So I suggest you should go there one and enjoy the beauty of this park.

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    Re: What not to do in Japan

    This would be pretty much fun to know how exactly this whole thing would work in general ways and it attempts the quality of outcome for us trip to niagara falls from nj makes a mark for the outcome it keeps with us and always takes things ahead.



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