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    Malaysian cuisine

    I'm here to know about the Malaysian cuisine and how it is influenced by other regions surrounding it and from cultures within the country. What are the main dishes of these cuisines which are very popular and famous?

    Therefor which is the national dish or drink of the country?

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    Re: Malaysian cuisine

    I have tried a few in my region and it all went sensibly ahead at the same time from new york to maine is all appealing which is the way i think of it.

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    Re: Malaysian cuisine

    I am having no idea about Malaysian cuisine but keen to know interested information about it.

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    Re: Malaysian cuisine

    AMAZING Malaysian food, it really does not get any better than this. If its your first time, get the Tum Yum with noodles and seafood-spectacular.

    Cons: By far the worst customer service i've experienced in my life. The waiters just stand there and dont refill drinks often, so ask for a pitcher. Also, i asked once for a set of chopsticks from a different server and he told ME to ask my server for it....really?

    I still go anyway because the food is out of this world.

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    Re: Malaysian cuisine

    I am going to mention the names of those dishes which i love in Malaysian cuisine.
    Charsiew Rice
    Nasi Kandar
    Sang Har noodles
    Let me know guys about your favourite dishes Malaysian cuisine?

    I Just come back from day tour to niagara falls from new york

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    Re: Malaysian cuisine

    Generally understanding the terms that goes ahead and lets us grow for sure helps it all with the correct outcome and brings out a quality production with the needs of a traveler new jersey to niagara falls bus tour is one find way to get the best in terms of learning and making a mark at traveling.



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