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    How many religions are practiced in Malaysia?

    Despite the fact that Malaysia is not a very big country it is still one of the top ten countries. For this it would also have a lot of religions being practiced in the country. What are some of these religions and what do the local people follow. By this i mean which is the religion that originated in Malaysia and is related to the history of the country?

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    Not sure about the origins but the malay are muslims like the indonesians, although the country is not as strict as those arab countries. There are buddhists as well in smaller numbers so it is quite a mixture of religions. You can drink alcohol in the country (tiger beer is good!) but laws can be tough e.g. mandatory death sentence for drugs.

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    The malayans are mostly muslims, but many of them don't take it too seriously! Specially the younger generations, but the older ones tend to be a bit strict. All in all I think this place isn't a bad one to visit You can find buddhists and even christians there, but in smaller numbers. They seem to live in relative peace with each other

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    Re: How many religions are practiced in Malaysia?

    Malaysia is one of the most "beautiful" countries I've visited. Its majority population are Muslims, followed by Christians, Buddhists in small numbers, even few Hindus. I'd never have expected a Muslim nation to be this free and relaxed. Their civic and road laws are extremely strict, and for someone like me (hailing from India) that was really impressive. But I didn't find any religion related hindrances. Malaysia has a really nice and peaceful atmosphere.



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