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    Ever heard of Kuala Lumpur Tower?

    Its been a while that i got to know about this amazing place in Kuala Lumpur. The picture taken at night looks the best. I want to know the history and of the tower. Does it serve as a hotel, shopping mall or does it have other activities. Please do tell me. Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Ever heard of Kuala Lumpur Tower?

    I been to Petronas tower. I was really amazed how beautiful it is, specially at night. I don't know exactly what it is. But the experience I had when I was there will never be forgotten. It's a must see in Kuala Lumpur.

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    You are probably referring to the Petronas towers which is a corporate building. Petronas is a Malaysian oil company and can be seen everywhere over there. You can go up the tower and onto the bridge that connects the 2 towers & an observation deck. Not sure what the history is but it is an impressive sight.

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    Re: Ever heard of Kuala Lumpur Tower?

    The Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Petronas Towers are two different buildings. I've been to both recently and no doubt, the Petronas scores over the other. The Petronas is mostly used for commercial purpose, it has the offices of major oil, petrol and other companies. Visitors aren't allowed to move about its floors, I think. You can buy tickets to go to the "bridge" from which you get a spectacular view of the city. There's a huge mall at the tower's basement, maybe a hotel somewhere too (though I'm not too sure about this). I'd say the beauty of the towers is more apparent when you see it at night. It shines like some monument of gold and diamond!

    I don't know exactly what the KL Tower is for. It has a globular dome from where you get a 360 degree view of the city. There are powerful binoculars and the dome revolves slowly and continuously. There are souvenir shops inside if you wish to buy something. This too looks beautiful at night, the tower and globe look like a giant glittering scepter.

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    Re: Ever heard of Kuala Lumpur Tower?

    I heard a bout it through my friends. Who have been there about a year ago. They told me that is mos famous land mark of Malaysia. It is most promising one attractions among the history lovers. I want to go there once of my life. So can you share your experience if you ever visit there?

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    Re: Ever heard of Kuala Lumpur Tower?

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