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    Nightlife in Mexico

    Which city would give the best experience to enjoy nightlife. I'm specially looking for beach destinations for nightlife. Would it be the type where my eyes wold never close during the night. I am looking for a great fun filled time with my friends. Which destination should i choose?

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    Re: Nightlife in Mexico

    Zocalo is the best city for the night life and today it is still a major center of importance in the social and cultural life of this city and nation and in the Mexico this city have good hotels specially for the tourist...
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    Re: Nightlife in Mexico

    Night life in mexico is awesome there are lot of discs to hangout with friends and one can enjoy lot at pubs

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    Re: Nightlife in Mexico

    Mexico City's nightlife is as lively and varied as everything else the city has to offer. All tastes are catered for from gentle supper clubs with floor shows and loud, brash nightclubs to ritzy piano bars, rustic antros (or disco-bars) and bars specializing in traditional Mexican music.

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    Re: Nightlife in Mexico

    Nightlife is Mexico city is very entertaining. You can go to discotheques and try some drinks while dancing with your dance-partner. Even if you don't drink, it doesn't make your night any less entertaining. You can try atole, tepache, pozol, and tejuino too. Check out this Mexico Travel Video to know how night life in Mexico City is celebrated - maps2anywhere.com/travel-videos/mexico-video-travel-dvd.html

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    Re: Nightlife in Mexico

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