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    Experiencing Morocco as a woman traveling alone

    I found a very interesting article about a woman who dared to travel to Morocco alone. I must say I was shocked at the reactions the people over there had when they found out she was traveling alone. To be honest I thought people were a bit more open minded there, I mean... it's 2013 already! Not 1993...! Here the article:


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    Re: Experiencing Morocco as a woman traveling alone

    If you go to touristic beaches you'll see many women in bikini and be aware to the kidnapper try to dress decently and do not eat the food like spoilage..
    Must visit the site helpful for the visitor..new york to charlotte bus

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    Re: Experiencing Morocco as a woman traveling alone

    yes woman go alone..t is good thing that only woman can travel and enjoy much. We should give time for ourselves. I am single and go with my friends for many countries. She all are very cooperative and manage tours with tour companies.
    Last week we went bus to washington dc it was very best tour for all of us.

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    Re: Experiencing Morocco as a woman traveling alone

    Solo traveling can sometimes be a bother and at the same time when it comes to discovering how far this would go bus tour to niagara falls is a way to get the best through it which is the way terms and everything in it would be very appealing and helpful for it.

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    Re: Experiencing Morocco as a woman traveling alone

    It is safe for a woman to travel in Morocco normally it is located on the north-west coast of Africa which is one of the third most populous Arab countries basically Morocco has nice places to visit like historical monuments, long stretching Sahara desert with large territories etc. as a place to live to any people as a migrant one of best place to survive because people are cooperative, good culture, and safe for every citizen to work .



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