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    Women Traveling to Morocco

    Who here is a woman traveler who has traveled to Morocco? I am planning a trip to Morocco with 2 females and I wanted real, honest feedback about the culture and norms. How safe is it for women to travel? Can we have fun, i.e., go to a bar, go to places together, sit & do things together, even though we're not married, but 3 single people. What are the restrictions for women?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Women Traveling to Morocco

    Morocco is a Muslim Country. it is not dangerous if you visit this. So when you visit Morocco then must follow this point.
    You wear dress long skirt and loose, long-sleeve shirt. Showing Confidence and self-assurance.

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    Re: Women Traveling to Morocco


    Don't let one persons bad experience influence you. Lots of women, solo and in groups come here and have a fantastic time, love both the country and people and leave with good memories. Your attitude has a lot to do with how you enjoy your stay.

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    Re: Women Traveling to Morocco

    Morocco is a North African country which is one of the fabulous traveling experience. It has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean visit women travel enjoy of the memorable trip.

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    Re: Women Traveling to Morocco

    A solo traveler would have a lot of productive time to spend at some place and in the same way for me bus tour to niagara falls from NJ is one of those activities that i would love to spend sometime with the best of what it brings close to us and that's the way how it goes for us.

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    Re: Women Traveling to Morocco

    It is safe for an woman to travel in morocco normally it is located on the north-west coast of Africa which is one of the third most populous Arab countries basically Morocco has nice places to visit like historical monuments, long stretching Sahara desert with large territories etc. as a place to live to any people as a migrant one of best place to survive because people are cooperative, good culture, and safe for every citizen to work. I had visited Morocco with my friends a few months ago. One travel company You Go Morocco helped us to travel and enjoyed all the places in Morocco, and their service was very amazing to us.
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