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    The Beach town Asilah

    I just read an article about Morocco which stated that when visiting Morocco one should not miss going to the beach town Asilah near the North Atlantic Coast. I did read the article but i really want to know if the things they have mentioned are true and if they exist. I also would feel better if anybody narrates their experience if they have been to the town

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    Special things about Asilah

    Yes The beach town has some special things which attract the tourist. Asilah is located on the northwest tip of the Atlantic coast and there are many things which you can see over there. It hosts annual music and arts festivals, including a mural-painting festival. The waterfront view of Asilah is beautiful and a must see. The Al alba famous is top ranked . You should try staying in that hotel.

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    Re: The Beach town Asilah

    According to my point of view Asilah town is the most fabulous tourism destination. Which is located on the northwest tip of Atlantic. I visited there befor my trip new york to niagara falls I would love to go there again with my whole family. we will stay there for two weeks.

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    Re: The Beach town Asilah

    Beautiful beach! Not too busy or crowded, with plenty of space. As westerners, we felt very comfortable here. I would def recommend going here and avoiding the town beach. Some of the restaurants do great grilled fish too. The drive there is rough enough, but it's definitely worth it.

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    Re: The Beach town Asilah

    I agree with your words fredmore! this beach is really nice destination for travelling point of view. I hope I will again visit there in my travelling life. Asilah is the perfect place to spend some relaxing days by the beach. I would like to suggest all of you must visit there in future.
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    Re: The Beach town Asilah

    That works as the most reasonable and convenient approach niagara falls bus tours from new york city is always making a mark for the righteous outcome and it does bring out a way to get close to it and that's one fine way to learn how reasonable this whole thing would possibly be.



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