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    Best things to do in winter

    Skiing and snowboarding
    Oslo Christmas markets
    Northern Lights
    Bergen's Gingerbread Town
    Kirkenes Snow Hotel
    Ice festivals
    Visit Santa
    These are really great kind of things that are really suitable to enjoy in the Norway in the season of winter. I m sure that these all things are proving really great and useful to enjoy for all winter season lovers and my brother is also having a plan to enjoy these all after his lax to yosemite for having some adventures time.

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    Re: Best things to do in winter

    Abram will like to say that you have shared really cool attractions names here. I like them and love to say I am blank about them too. So would you like to share something about Oslo Christmas markets with all of us? Cause I really wanna enjoy shopping of my friend engagement.

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    Re: Best things to do in winter

    Abram! I am going to agree with the above member. You have shared great attraction names of Norway here. I have got only one-time chance to explore this European country. During my tour, I have not visited all of these attractions which you have shared in your post. But I have visited some attractions in these attractions. Anyhow, which attraction is your most favorite in all of these?

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    Re: Best things to do in winter

    That would be amazing and i am sure having a quality time in winter is quite fun for me nj to niagara falls bus tour is one of those activities and that's the quite appealing which is one fine way to impact.
    In the same scenario things would be amazing to impact this.

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    Re: Best things to do in winter

    Best thing to do in winter is planning a trip to Iceland. That is an amazing tourist place. Tourists are getting attracted by its beauty of nature. Last year I had a trip there. I booked my trip through "Discover Iceland Tours". Iceland Northern Lights Tours were the best experience in Iveland.

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    Re: Best things to do in winter

    There are so many natural beauties in Iceland for travelling. The national park, waterfalls, Golden Circle and Northern lights are the attractive tourist places for all travelers. I like to travel waterfalls and Northern lights in Iceland. Before nine months I have visited with my friends in Iceland. One travel company “Go to joy Iceland” helped us for travelling there. That tour was so awesome for us.



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