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Thread: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

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    7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    I'm recently planning a trip to Nepal with some friends in October 1st from Guilin, China, and wondering which part of this country to visit and what to see, kinda interested in temples and culture there, so might spend a week or so. We have never been to Nepal before. Do we need to join a group or get someone make the itinerary for us or if it's better just go with the flow? what do we need to pack ? Is it safe for girls to travel in there? Does anyone has been there have any suggestions?


    Looking for a cheap tour bus from boston.
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    Re: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    Lovely! Nepal is a nice choice. You can go there without any hesitation. I can say this easily because I visited Nepal two years ago after my us west coast tours. The Nepalese are very polite and humble. They respect women so it is safe for travel. You can find there cultural long and beautiful skirts. Long skirts are the part of their culture. May is a hottest month in Nepal so try to avoid this month. Spring or autumn is the best time to visit. There are many places to visit. Here I am sharing some places name.
    1. Kathmandu Arrival
    2. Chitwan
    3. Pokhara
    4. Nagarkot
    5. Kathmandu
    6. Kathmandu Departure

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    Re: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    That would be so much of fun. Getting this sort of appropriate and reasonable tours especially like 2 days tour from new york is more like a treat to the travelers which is at the same time a lot which is helpful.

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    Re: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    Hi lovely..
    first of all i would like to say its a great choice to travel to know the culture and the know the beauty of the architecture and monuments. For now i would like to say that major monuments and architectures have been destroyed due to the major earthquake. Nepal won't be the same you are thinking but still it has not lose its beauty. You are welcome to visit Nepal any time, one more thing it is safe for all though it is said "prevention is better than cure".
    Thank you..

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    Re: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    thank you Aaliyah for sharing the brief and informative reply to the post. I agree to all you said definitely spring and autumn are the best season in Nepal. But the summer days has its own, it invites the adventure traveler to Nepal for boating, rafting, kayaking etc. At last May, June and July would be the warm days in Nepal.
    Thank you

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    Re: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    The massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley on 25 April, 2015, But Reopening of World Heritage Sites from 15 June

    Major damaged Places:
    Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple):
    Boudhanath Stupa:
    Changu Narayan:
    nine-storey Dharahara Tower

    Minor affected places :

    Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha
    Pokhara and Chitwan are not much affected

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    Re: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    For me with the kind of uses something has is always very appealing and it brings out the best of it trip to niagara falls from nj is one of those sources that would help us and bring the best with the approach we keep on moving ahead with.

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    Re: 7 days in Nepal, any suggestions?

    I suggest you some attractions names of Nepal which you should eplore there.
    Pashupatinath Temple
    Changu Narayan
    Begnas Lake
    Khumbu Glacier



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