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    Post Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Laos

    Laos is a mountainous and landlocked country in South-East Asia that has long been isolated from the outside world. A visit to Laos is, in many ways, a trip back in time. Travelers are drawn here by a laid-back lifestyle that has disappeared elsewhere in the region. Even the capital Vientiane feels like a relaxed riverfront town. As the country opens up, with an increasing number of roads and bridges being built the amazing tourist attractions in Laos are becoming more and more accessible.[touropia]

    List of tourist attractions in Laos:

    10. Vieng Xai
    9. Pak Ou Caves
    8. Wat Phu
    7. Pha That Luang
    6. Wat Xieng Thong
    5. Plain of Jars
    4. Si Phan Don
    3. Vang Vieng
    2. Mekong River
    1. Luang Prabang

    Watch Laos Travel Video for detail:

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    Re: Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Laos

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    Re: Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Laos

    Laos is a nice country of Asia. My uncle visited there with his business partner during last year. According to my uncle, Laos's attractions are so beautiful and amazing for visitors. Vieng Xai, Pha That Luang, Plain of Jars, Si Phan Don and Luang Prabang are most famous destinations of the Laos. Laos's Neighboring countries are: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China. I am planning to visit there in my next free time.

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    Re: Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Laos

    If you are planning for Laos and confused where to go then here are some places that you should not miss.
    1. Patuxai
    2. Wat Si Saket
    3. Mount Phousi
    4. Vat Phou
    5. Bolaven Plateau

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    Re: Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Laos

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    Re: Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Laos

    It's just so much great in fun-filled and to read about the Tourist Attractions in Laos. I really lik this great and massive stuff and surely will like to try out these all places for sure to get an amaizng xroence at that place for sure. Its awesome to be there I am sure.

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