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    Which is best place to visit Asia - International Tour Packages

    In Asian countries which is is best place to have enthusiastic tourism and which is best budget travel from India?

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    Re: Which is best place to visit Asia - International Tour Packages

    Dubai is one of the city of UAE ,it is best place to visit.You will get best combo deals and You can visit best deals dubai city tour in which you can enjoy amazing desert safari with enthusiastic dune bashing as well as you can take benifit for food on dhow cruise will get you tasty dinner. Burj khalifa in dubai city world's highest building of 148 floor. As well as Singapour is also good country you can visit sightseeing tour of Kuala Lumpur which abounds with cottage industries and nature reserves Batu Caves, famous site of the annual Thaipusam festivities (in January/February) when OVER 1.5 million devotees congregate to the site.Thiland is also good country to visit majestic and beautiful coral island tour.

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    Re: Which is best place to visit Asia - International Tour Packages

    Mukesh,, I appreciate you for this great sharing. You have shared enough information about Dubai for beeargry and other visitors I am very happy after reading your post. After getting the huge information, I can easily go there without any proble. I never cahnce to visit Dubai in my whole life. I will go there after complete my los angeles to mount rushmore bus tour. I am going this tour with my friends. Great Job and Keep it up.

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    Re: Which is best place to visit Asia - International Tour Packages

    Main tourist city in the often-forgotten country of Laos is one of the nicest cities that so few have ever even heard of. More charming and scenic than the capital of Vientiane, Luang Prabang is suddenly on more and more itineraries, and prices are beginning to move up, but it’s still cheap and a great bargain for those exploring the region.



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