Iran Visa

Iran Visa
If you are planning to visit Iran, you must obtain needed information about Iran Visa. There are different types of Visa for entering the country. But at top of which, Iran tourist visa is more of interest.

But who does need a visa? Almost all foreign nations entering Iran must collect their visa before arriving the country. However, there is one other weaker type of Visa which is issued at different International airports in Iran, like Imam Khomeini international airport.

خطوط هوایی ایران

Iran Visa
About all types of visas, we mentioned above, including entry visa, entry or driving visa for drivers carrying cargo, airport entry or transit visa that issued to stay in Iran as an onward destination, pilgrimage visa for visiting holy places, tourist visa, transit visa, visa for entry to free trade and industrial areas of Iran, student visa for education, press visa for journalists, and diplomatic and service visa for diplomats.

As it was discussed earlier in this text, the tourist visas are of more interest. This type of visa can be collected both beforehand getting Iran, or at the internationals airports on passenger arrival (Visa on Arrival (VOA)), yet it must be noted that the latter is not recommended for more time and cost must be spent, and there is no guarantee that you will get your visa.

However, citizens of some countries need no visa for staying a specific period of time. These countries include Armenia, Syria and Turkey for staying up to 90 days, Azerbaijan and Bolivia for staying up to 30 days, Malaysia and Venezuela for staying up to 15 days and at last Georgia for staying up to 45 days.

Some of international airports that visa can be issued at are Mashhad International Airport, Qeshm International Airport, Tabriz International Airport, Imam Khomeini International Airport, etc.