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    Interesting about Kazakhstan. 1.

    Right in the vast expanses of Eurasia theendless steppes spread their colorful blankets of grass and flowers, surroundedwith mighty mountains they look like treasures hidden behind the forbiddingwalls. Buzzing rickets in the fields of wormwood that fills the air with abitter smell and distant horizons bring this unspeakable feeling of harmony tothe hearts of those who discover the Great Steppe. This is the place that thescientists call “a reference point” for a Kazakh ethnos. The nomads called theseunending lands of Central Kazakhstan Sary-Arka that literally means YellowRidge. The hilly steppe is exceptionally picturesque and bright: in the daytime the wind is playing with the mat-grass that looks just like an ocean, atnight the Moon covers it with the silver veil.

    The area that is famousfor its unique nature and history spreads all the way from the West SiberianPlain in the North to Balkhash-Alakul Plain in the South, from the spurs of theAltay Mountain in the East to the Turgai Valley in the West.

    Whiletraveling around the steppes of Sary-Arka one may think that he is dreaming assoon as the traveler’s eye catches The Balkhash Lake that at first seems to bea mirage, but after all a true miracle indeed. One of the biggest lakes in theworld, the Balkhash, covers an area of 18,000 square kilometers and used to beknown as Ak-Teniz (White Sea) – a nickname given to the lake by the natives.Surprisingly, the lake contains both salty and fresh water.

    Another famous “mirage” of Sary-Arka is the Ulytau Mountains in the West of theregion (the Akmeshit Peak – 1134 m.) By now this area has not been exploredthat much and attracts travelers with its virgin lakes surrounded with themarble rocks and deep forests shooting up about 1000 meters above the sealevel.

    Even though all of the mentioned abovemakes Sary-Arka an absolutely outstanding place to visit, there is somethingelse very special about it. Ulytau is a sacred place for Kazakh nomads becauseright here the alliance of three separate Kazakh jzes was announced, from thatvery moment the Kazaks were united. In honor of this notable moment thethousands of special symbols (tamgy) belonging to different clans were cut ontosolid granite of the rock called Tanbadytas. This historical place containsseveral mausoleums, necropolis and caves where someitems belonging to the Bronze and the Early Iron Age were unearthed. TheArcheologists found the encampments of primitive tribes and their tool there aswell.

    Kazakh khans always wereinclined to settle at Ulytau. So did the oldest son of Genghis Khan, KhanZhoshi. Also, well-known Batu started his historical march from the here. EvenTamerlane – a great lame warrior – left something for the future generations todiscover at Ulytau: a stone that was found by Kanysh Satpaev and now is kept inthe Hermitage of Saint Petersburg.

    That’s worth mentioning thatthe curative virtues of Ulytau spring-water were well-know far out of theborders of the Great Steppe. European and Russian Ambassadors while being sentto the main settlement of the Mongols, Karakoum, always stayed at Ulytau to experiencethe healing power of local spring-water.

    Nowadays, Kazakhstan experiences arapid growth of governmental and private investment in tourism, including thedevelopment of natural parks in Sary-Arka region. National Natural Park Bayan-Aul was founded in 1985, almost in the end of the Soviet Era, to preserveflora and fauna of Bayan-Aul mountain group.

    The park located inPavlodar region, is as large as 50000 hectares and includes three large lakeswith fresh water: Sabyndykol, Zhasybai, and Toraygyr. Here you may findfour types of landscape: woods, woodland grass and grassland. Paleontologistsdiscovered remains of giraffes, rhinoceros, hyena-like animals and hipparionsthat lived about 7-10 million years ago.

    Another place of interest inSary-Arka is Korgalzhyn Reservation ( 110 km from Astana) - the closestto the north settlement of pink flamingos. Tengiz- Korgalzhyn water basins arebasically the remains of ancient Eocene Sea. They are still quite large:the lake Korgalzhyno – 330 square meters, Tengiz – 1500 square meters.

    The national park Kokshetau isfamous for its numerous sanatoriums and clinics, mineral water and curativemud. There are more than 80 beautiful lakes hidden within the green pine treewoods. The deepest of them is called –Shtyche(18 m) and located at theEastern base of the Zheke-Batyr range. The place is just like a little paradisefor those who love fishing: the lakes are full of jacks, perches, ruddsand carps.

    One can admire beautiful scenery of lakesBorovoe and Bolshoe Chebachie, the Kokshetau Mountain, Burabai and Zheke-Batyr.The swimming season usually starts in July.

    Considering the factthat Kazakhstan is changing into a crossing where different cultures meet, itmight be expected that very soon Sary-Arka with its landscape diversity andhistorical background will turn into a dynamically developing touristic region,and the trial that has been hidden from the tourists will be a pleasantsurprise for those who will decide to enjoy it.
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