Charyn canyonis a unique place, under the protection of UNESCO.

It issituated in the south-east of Kazakhstan, notfar from the border with China, 195 km to the east of Almaty.

Thispicturesque natural creation is included in the territory of Charynnational park, which was founded in February 2004. Charyn canyon is a unique natural monument.

It is aprototype of the Big Colorado Canyon (USA), but several times smaller in size.There are only two such natural structures in the world – in the USA and in Kazakhstan.

The walls ofthe canyon are composed by sedimentary rocks, whose age is about 10-12 millionsof years. The height of rocky mountains, light-brown color, is about 200-350 meters. This place attracts tourists from all over the world.

Here you canoften meet elderly couples from Germany, France, Japan, Denmark, Canada, Italy and many representatives from other countries. Thecanyon is popular among many foreign young couples with children.

In the canyonflow the river Charyn, whose length is about 195 km.Inside the canyon it runs especially rapidly. The canyon serves as a privateshelter for extremals, who love rafting and kayaking. The river rapidssometimes reach the most difficult level within the canyon.

This riverinside the canyon has taken some lives of different extremals and daredevils.For the lovers of simple rest with no extremes, in the canyon there is a relictgrove, where ash-tree grows. This species has overgrown the epoch and is stillgrowing in the walls of the canyon.

Anotheridentical grove with ash-tree is only in the United Stated of America, in itsnorthern part on the Canadian border and a little in Alaska.This grove within the canyon is declared a Natural monument and is under theprotection of the government.

Charyn canyon, often called “Castles valley”,presents a big interests for scientists geologists, geomorphologists andgeopraphists; and for many scientists of other spheres of science. It also hasa high value for tourism; serves as a great recreational zone.

In this area,adjacent to the Charyn canyon, thereare animals from the Red book, such as ibex, saker falcon, gazelle and somespecies of rodents.

the canyon there live some species of reptiles,poisonous snakes, different rodents, which serve as a food for snakes andscorpions. That is why it is recommended to wear closed shoes in the canyon,and under no circumstances to leave the road.