The Karagiye Depression in Kazakhstan is the fifth deepest inthe world. Its depth is approximately 133 meters (433 ft) below sea level. The name of the place is quite gloomy, since in theKazakh language “karagiye” literally means “a black jaw”. Though the trenchreally seems to be a monster’s chops, Karagiye has lots of stories behind itsappearance.

Karagiye has a shape of a bowlformed by the asymmetrical slopes. The length is about 40 meters, and its widthis about 30 meters.There are quite many alike depressions all over the world, but there are fewthat have such an attractive and, yet, mystical air. Many researchers claimKaragiye to be a zone of a higher paranormal activity.

The UFO is used to be the most commonoccurrence here. At night the extraterrestrials on an incredibly regular basisshow up above the trench. One of the first times when such an accident was“registered” was in the spring of 1979. That time a certain Mr. Rozhkovskynoticed a red sphere flying over the trench, as it seemed to him the object washigh in the sky. Later on, a sphere started to fall down, and Mr.Rozhkovskythought it would crash into the earth surface and it would cause an explosion.However, it never happened, a red luminous sphere just disappeared.

Let us notice, that not onlythe researchers come to explore the Karagiye Depression, but also the ordinarytourists. Besides an opportunity to see the UFO, the tourists have a greatchance to enjoy an incredibly beautiful nature of the region. The trench hasbecome a sight that attracts people with its mysterious atmosphere.

That is interesting how muchdifferent are the affects that the trench has on those who come here. Ones feelthe joy and peace, the others start felling nauseous or having a headache allof a sudden. The old-timers say that is the way The Karagiye Depression letspeople know who can stay and who is to leave. Many people who try to overpasstheir breakdown make themselves feel even worse. More than that, no doctor canexplain why it happens.

What to the UFO, at varioustimes the sciences and researches named different reasons why the UFO sooften appears in the area. For example, there was a supposition that the BlackJaw is an entrance into the other world. And, the UFO comes here only for onereason to get into that world. The other supposition was that the UFO was oftenseen in the area because of the nuclear reactor working on fast neutrons thatstands only on 40 kmform Karagiye. However it was casted back, as the reactor was built in 1973,and the first UFO was noticed in 1979.

The riddles of the KaragiyeDepression are still not guessed. Who knows may be one day the doors to theother world will be opened and we will have a lot to learn and explore. Butmaybe it is better not to know why the aliens come for a visit?