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    Tirana - Europe's oddest capital?

    I remember someone blithely assuring me one day that "nobody goes to Albania for a holiday." I replied, "I did," which cut him short somewhat.

    Admittedly, it was only a three-night city break in Tirana, but that counts as being on holiday. One of the many interesting things about the city is that it's a relatively new capital - 1928, I believe. It is also odd in having a fair amount of Chinese Communist architecture, a legacy of the days when Albania and the Soviet Union were at loggerheads and the Chinese were in favour.

    There are pockets of older buildings - I stayed in a lovely little hotel of Ottoman style. I visited in May, when the temperatures were just nudging the thirties, so it was a bit warm for a visitor from the UK, but certainly not overwhelming. There are ample places to loll around a have a cup of coffee or an iced tea.

    I enjoyed the museum and art gallery - the latter had a magnificent collection of Socialist Realism. Food and drink was cheap and there are some excellent markets (and beautiful olives, too).

    You still have to mind out taking photos, particularly around the old residence of Enver Hoxha. Sinister Men in Black roam the streets, looking as though they are just waiting for some mug to whip out a camera. And if you want to take a picture of the tiny railway station, make sure you do it from a distance - you'll get shouted at otherwise.

    Different, yes; boring, no. I liked Tirana and three days is plenty to explore this small, but intriguing capital city.

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    Re: Tirana - Europe's oddest capital?

    can you tell me that some more details about Tirana . I have planning to visit in my vacations . nut i have no idea where i should start my journey .

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    Re: Tirana - Europe's oddest capital?

    Tirana is a capital of Albania. It is a home of mesmerizing attractions where a lot of visitors come here with family and kids each year and had lots of fun there. Its hisotorical places appeals me a lot. I have been there only twice times in my life and have an awesome expereince there. Here I am going to share the names of some must see places of this city like Rinia Park, National Historical Museum, TID Tower and Mount Dajt.



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