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    Some restaurants in US

    I like to share with you now I am going for taking a washington DC to New york bus tour with my best friend. I want to share with you my dad suggest me to take dinning in these one of the restaurants like these names he had shared with me. restaurant of Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab.. So Which are the best here?

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    Re: Some restaurants in US

    Eleven Madison Park
    BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
    jerry123, these are the best and top famous restaurants in the US. I personally explored both of them many of the times and i had great experience there. I will say you should try to go there one time.

    What do you say about the short trips from los angeles?

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    Re: Some restaurants in US

    Eleven Madison Park is a best place for having enjoyment Where a lot of visitors visit it each year and came back with many pleasant memories. I also visited there and I really enjoyed there hiking and photography. In my point of view it is a best place to enjoy picnic party with family and friends. I want to know about your views about this park?

    I have a good explerience of washington dc cherry blossom while I was taking this tour.

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    Re: Some restaurants in US

    All these places do have a lot to offer as that gets better with the certain needs and at the same time finding how close this would go with the needs niagara falls tours from new york is very appealing and works in the best possible way for us as a term which is always growing.

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    Re: Some restaurants in US

    US Restaurants are very interesting and very famous for delicious food stuff.



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