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    Is it true that Israeli citizens are not welcomed in Pakistan?

    I heard a while ago that no israeli citizen is welcomed in Pakistan, same applies if you're jewish or if you have been to Israel recently! Can someone please tell me how true this is? Is thir true at all or just a myth? I know that Pakistan isn't exactly friends with Israel, but come on! Things can't be that bad, can they? I hope someone can shed some light on this. I'm dying to go there someday (lots of cool places and things to take photos of over there).

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    Re: Is it true that Israeli citizens are not welcomed in Pakistan?

    It is true, or at least it was ten years ago. My friend showed me his Pakistani passport and it specifically says that it is not authorised for use to travel to Israel. I do not know what is written on an Israeli passport but I am guessing that they will not be welcomed on arrival in Pakistan, if they can even get a visa that is.

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    Re: Is it true that Israeli citizens are not welcomed in Pakistan?

    Hello there!
    I am a Syrian national living in Pakistan... yeah It is true that Israeli's are not welcome here! If you are interested to visit you don't have to say that you are an Israeli and you will be fine! I know an Israeli who visited Pakistan but that was for a work not tourism!

    You can ask me about anything here I'll be there to help! thanks ...



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