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    Getting Around The Philippines

    Metro Manila (Metropolitan Manila) is the center of it all. It is the collective term for the cities that comprise the National Capital Region. These cities include: Makati, Taguig, Quezon City, and many others. It is located in the island of Luzon.

    (Main island groups of the Philippines: LUZON, VISAYAS, MINDANAO)

    Metro Manila is where you can find the trains, the buses that go to the different provinces and the airport that serve the planes that fly in and out domestically and internationally. There are airports all over the country. For example, there is an airport in Visayas named Caticlan which serves planes coming in locally and internationally (flights coming in from South Korea).

    After landing on the airport (NAIA Terminals 1, 2 and 3), you can get a cab (local or airport taxi) to head to your hotel accommodation. There is no train station from the airport, unlike Hong Kong and other countries.

    EDSA is what we call the main artery of the Metro Manila and it passes through the different cities in Metro Manila. Buses will take you from South to North or North to South or you can take the MRT (train). The MRT traverses EDSA from end to end. The train is the quickest option especially since EDSA experiences very bad traffic during rush hour.

    Bus stations that go to the provinces can be found in Makati, Manila, Quezon City (Cubao), Pasay City. These buses can take you up north where there are great destinations such as Baguio City, Vigan, and many others. These buses pass by NLEX or North Luzon Expressway.

    When heading south, SLEX or South Luzon Expresway is what the buses traverse. In the south, you can visit Lucban (for the Pahiyas Festival), Calauag Quezon (for crab festival), Camarines Sur to enjoy watersports activities such as wakeboarding. (These can be discussed in other threads)

    You can hire vans, cars, and they may come with drivers. Or you can rent a car for yourself. Cabs are everywhere in the city if you are not fond of commuting.

    To get to the islands in the Visayas, you will be riding the airplane or what we call as RO-RO or Roll on- Roll off. RORO is the process of taking your car to get to the different islands by boat (you roll on and then you roll off using your car) that take you to the different ports. This is an interesting adventure if you have tons of time.

    Visayas is where Boracay Island is and other islands worth visiting such as Bohol. Mindano is the collective name for the islands in the most southern part of the Philippines. Mindanao is very near Sabah, Malaysia.

    In the inner parts of respective cities and cities in the provinces, there are jeepneys, tricycles, pedicabs (rickshaw) that are very affordable to use.

    Most Filipinos can understand English and the signs are in English as well. You would not have much trouble communicating with the locals.

    This is just a quick sum of how to get to the different areas in the Philippines. Hope it helps!
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    Re: Getting Around The Philippines

    Its easy to get around Manila. You got so many modes of commute to chose from and its not very expensive. If you wanna have a a cost effective, easy commute in the Philippines, you might want to learn how to ride public jeeps. The buses only go on the main roads and highways so to get close to your destination you'll most definitely have to ride a jeep. If you not up for that you can take a taxi which is about 200%-300% more expensive.

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    Re: Getting Around The Philippines

    There are places here in the Philipppines where you are not given any choice but to take public transports. I do not mean that in a bad note just for the record. It's part of the experience. Even Vin Diesel was caught riding in a jeepney and was fascinated by it.

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    Re: Getting Around The Philippines

    I love the Jeepney! All tourists must ride the Jeepney. Do google how the famous Jeepney came to be the #1 mode of public transportation in the Philippines. It's a very interesting story and will tickle your imagination to have a ride in one when in the country. Best to take a Filipino friend along or ask any hotel or pension house personnel how to get around in one.

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    Re: Getting Around The Philippines

    Getting around places in the Philippines is just easy. As just what had been said here most Filipinos knows how to speak English because it is their second language and you will have no problem conversing with them and all places had signboards in English. Aside from jeepney which you should try to take a ride, another means of transportation that is nice to experience is riding in a "Tricycle". Most places had lots of this vehicle that will bring you to your destination on a certain place and it has a cheap fare too.

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    Re: Getting Around The Philippines

    Cabs are quite convenient. But you have to be careful. There are many scary stories about people getting robbed or worse in cabs. Make sure you always check the plate number of the cab and make sure that the driver sees you while checking the plate number so he won't try any funny stuff.

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    Re: Getting Around The Philippines

    Manila is such and amazing place for visit that is offer a diverse kind of attractions to have fun for visitors. It is famous for its natural places that attracts the visitors throughout the world. I have a plan to go to there again after my with my whole family for enjoyment. We will stay there for five days and I want to explored its impressive beaches and national parks and art museums.



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